What questions to ask your wedding photographer and why these questions are important⬇️:

December 15, 2023

  1. How many weddings have they shot? Instead of asking how long they’ve been shooting, ask how many weddings they’ve shot. Someone could be “shooting weddings” for 10 years but only shoot 2 wedding per year, whereas someone who specializes in weddings might have been shooting weddings for 2 years but have shot 40+ weddings under their belt (aka me!). Better yet, bonus points if you ask your photographer how many weddings they’ve shot on their own / as a lead shooter, not a second shooter.
  2. How do you approach weddings and what’s your style? It’s important to find a photographer who matches your vibe and personality! For example, if you are more introverted, you might not want a very loud, extroverted photographer as your needs may not be heard as well as if you had a photographer who is more ambiverted and prioritizes listening to your needs over talking your ear off. It is also important to hire someone whose style of photography matches what you want in photos. for instance, if you want more candid documentary shots but the photographer you’re talking to prefers a lot of control and staged moments, they might not be the best fit for you. My style is more documentary, so I prefer letting natural moments unfold by themselves and capturing them from a distance, being sensitive to my surroundings, letting emotions and moments happen by themselves so that they are truly authentic, instead of forcing them. I also work with a team who are more low-key and don’t make a scene – we aren’t the super loud photographers who take attention away from the bride & groom, or photographers who turn a wedding day into a photoshoot, directing the B&G around – although during the time we set aside for photos of just you two, i do like to step in and take direction, as most couples don’t know how to pose. my couples always find my posing guidance to be super helpful and fun, and they always tell me that i make them feel very comfortable and at ease😊
  3. How do you back up the photos? This is important so you know your photos are safe! this is the most important day of your life and you don’t want to risk your photos being lost! I personally shoot on a camera that has 2 SD card slots, and I set my camera to shoot simultaneously on both cards, so while I’m shooting, it creates an automatic backup in case one of the cards corrupts! Once I get home from the wedding, I upload the photos onto 3 hard drives to make sure they are safe☺️
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I’m here for the lovers who are wildly in love with each other and with the world around them. Couples who believe in living life to the fullest, who crave adventure and new experiences, and who want a wedding that reflects that. I’m here for the couples who want to do things their way, with intention.

 — traveling wedding photographer based on the west coast.

I'm Joyce!


Stanley & Nicole

"I can look back on my wedding day and feel like I'm reliving it just by looking at these pictures."

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"She took great pics on my wedding day, capturing individual beauty as well as group spirit."


Joyce knows how to get you to pose really well and is great at choosing photo locations."

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