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  • Joyce captured our engagement and wedding day. She saw all the moments and was able to savor them for us. She was so flexible and professional. Everything about our experience with her was perfect. On our wedding day she hopped into the back of our VERY packed car to drive to tacobell and photograph us going through the drive thru! She met every expectation and more! Her skill behind a camera is phenomenal. If you’re looking for someone to book you’ve found the one! Joyce is your girl!

    — Amanda Lewis

  • I can’t thank Joyce enough for capturing our special day! Our original photographer actually got sick two days before our wedding. As if wedding planning wasn’t stressful enough, Joyce was very accommodating and made the transition with her very smooth. Joyce is very easy to work with. She listens to your requests as well as provide suggestions for poses. I literally gave her a Pinterest board of poses I wanted to have done and she definitely brought her A game! Joyce is soft-spoken, easy going, and professional at the same time. I felt relaxed while she was photographing us and during family photos, she had her list out and made sure she covered all the pictures that I wanted. I am so grateful to Joyce and the photographs that she took. I can look back on my wedding day and feel like I’m reliving it just by looking at these pictures. I would recommend Joyce to anyone seeking a photographer! She is amazing and her work does all the talking for her. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

    — Nicole Cruz

  • Joyce was an absolutely joy to work with! She is creative, flexible, insightful and sensitive to the people, environment, supplies and surroundings that she is situated in. She took great pics for me and my bridesmaids on my wedding day, capturing individual beauty as well as group spirit. I am thankful that she framed the beautiful memory of my big day with her talent and skill!

    — Serene Silin Li

  • HI ALL! Joyce’s photography is good and efficient! She is super responsive, efficient during photography sessions, and knows how to get people to pose really well. She is super good at choosing spots to take pictures at too 🙂 will definitely be going back to Joyce again especially because she has good values, good prices especially for good quality service and pictures!!

    — Elisa Martinez

  • Joyce is an absolute ANGEL!!!!! Best decision ever to have her do my grad photography. She is so sweet, had amazing poses lined up for me, and even went a little over time to make sure I got all the shots I wanted. A week later she sends me the pictures and they are amazing and beautiful. Excellent customer service and super talented photographer!!!!

    — Noorah Abdo

  • Love Joyce and her energy so much! 11/10 would shoot with her again 🙂 made me feel so comfortable and pretty and a huge plus is that she’s a sweetheart too ❤️

    — Carolyne Le

  • Joyce took grad photos for some of my friends and me. The pictures looked professional and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. We were on a time crunch and she was flexible in accomodating for us. Very reasonable prices too!

    — Michael Cao

  • Joyce was a pleasure to work with and the photos all turned out amazing! She is professional, communicative, and very sweet. As a model she made me feel very comfortable and the shoot itself was very fun!

    — Lola Bazile

  • Joyce is a kind soul with lots of creative talent! She has great easy to follow direction with fun concepts and amazing results.

    — Brian Kennedy

  • Joyce is a great photographer. She does elopements too so if you are looking for the Seattle elopement photographer, you have found her. She has good energy (fun) and will guide you with posing. Or if you have poses you want to do/inspirations, she can make that happen. Check out her great work on IG, she is spontaneous and adventurous

    -Lily Yee

  • Had a great session with Joyce! Very sweet and easy to work with!! Pictures looked absolutely amazing and loved her camera work.

    -Katee Weiss

  • I booked a couple photoshoot with Joyce and it was a fun experience! She made us feel comfortable to be ourselves and delivered great photos!

    — Hannah Le

  • I had 2 amazing shoots with Joyce, I was really comfortable and I could pose easily. I would recommend her for sure, her edits also shows how good she is!

    — Kevin Nguyen

  • Joyce was very professional and great at answering all my questions, overall so easy to work with. The photoshoot was so fun and the pictures turned out amazing, I’m in love with her edits and the colors! 10/10 recommend!!

    — Sophie Lee

  • We are very satisfied with Joyce’s photography! She did a great job from the beginning to the end, with that said from the initial conversation to the delivery and outcome is as expected. To top it off, Joyce is very nice and easy to communicate with. We highly recommend Joyce’s photography.

    — Will Li

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I’m here for the lovers who are wildly in love with each other and with the world around them. Couples who believe in living life to the fullest, who crave adventure and new experiences, and who want a wedding that reflects that. I’m here for the couples who want to do things their way, with intention.

 — traveling wedding photographer based on the west coast.

I'm Joyce!


Stanley & Nicole

"I can look back on my wedding day and feel like I'm reliving it just by looking at these pictures."

Eddie & Serene

"She took great pics on my wedding day, capturing individual beauty as well as group spirit."


Joyce knows how to get you to pose really well and is great at choosing photo locations."

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