Portland Temple

March 26, 2022

Portland Temple and Mason Jar Gathering Barn

Wedding Photos

Casey & Amanda found me on Facebook and dm'ed me to photograph their wedding, even before they got engaged! Since they are middle school sweethearts, they had been planning to get married and had decided on a date for their wedding already. On their wedding day, my team and I, along with the guests, waited outside the Portland Temple in Oregon for Casey & Amanda to come out from their private ceremony. When they came out, everyone cheered and celebrated them! We took some photos of them with their family and friends, and then for lunch I tagged along with Casey & Amanda to Taco Bell to photograph them going through the drive-in, because they absolute love Taco Bell! Then we drove back to Washington for the next venue, Mason Jar Gathering Barn. The barn was so cute and rustic, and there were horses next to the gravel lot! Amanda's sister officiated the wedding. There were lots of tears (mine included). Everyone was crying and hugging each other at the end of the ceremony, it was such a sweet moment. Then there was the father daughter and mother son dance, another emotional moment for everyone. After Amanda & Casey got to mingle with everyone and say hi to all the guests, I snuck them out to a beautiful secluded part of the venue that had Mount Rainier in the distance, and we shot a little there, and then Casey piggybacked Amanda back to the barn so she wouldn't get her heels stuck in the grass! 

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I’m here for the lovers who are wildly in love with each other and with the world around them. Couples who believe in living life to the fullest, who crave adventure and new experiences, and who want a wedding that reflects that. I’m here for the couples who want to do things their way, with intention.

 — traveling wedding photographer based on the west coast.

I'm Joyce!


Stanley & Nicole

"I can look back on my wedding day and feel like I'm reliving it just by looking at these pictures."

Eddie & Serene

"She took great pics on my wedding day, capturing individual beauty as well as group spirit."


Joyce knows how to get you to pose really well and is great at choosing photo locations."

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