Best Locations for Engagement Photos in California

December 15, 2023

My top locations for engagement photos in the California

  1. Sutro Baths: This is such a unique location. It used to be a swimming pool complex, and what’s left are its ruins. The water in the baths and the walkways create a special imagery that you can’t get anywhere else. Behind the baths is the beach, so Sutro Baths doubles as a beach where we can take photos on the shore!!
  2. Oceano Dunes: Get epic engagement photos in the dunes. Your photos will be unique and stand out for sure! 
  3. El Matador Beach: A beach with the most gorgeous hues featuring beautiful red rock and arches. Blue hour photos here are so so pretty.
  4. SJ Municipal Rose Garden: Golden hour hits different in the rose garden, especially in the summer. There are so many colorful flowers, leafy arches, and little pathways you and your s/o can romantically stroll through. Not to mention there is also a gorgeous fountain and several magnificent redwood trees!
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Joyce knows how to get you to pose really well and is great at choosing photo locations."

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